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  • Handheld calendars

  • Cards ВТИ

    90 × 50 mm
    Paper: linen, white 300 g / m ²
    Color Copy 300 g / m ²

  • Nestle

    210 × 160 mm
    Cover: melovka matte 170 g / m ²; 4 +4, 1 big.
    Block: melovka matte 115 g / m ²; 8 pages, 4 +4
    Fastening bracket 2 along the long side.


    200g/m^2 glossy coated paper

  • Booklet for COMPANIES ARKAN

    digital printing
    21 copies of each color (yellow, purple, blue)
    selective varnish

  • Nissa

    150 × 297 mm
    Cover: melovka matte 200 g / m ²; 4 lanes, 4 +4, 32-micron matt lamination, 1 +1, 1 big.
    Block: melovka matte 150 g / m ²; 20 bands, 4 +4.Bond 2 staples along the long side.


    200g/m^2 glossy coated paper

  • Desktop calendars

  • Капитал Строй

  • Quarter calendars



Luxor Company opened their doors for clients in september 2010, and became first commercial organization in Moscow, which got brand new Canon C6010VP digital color press. The main target and mission of our typography service is "shooting rabbits" in industrial scale, full replacement of PR functions in design, paging, pre-press, printing and other questions of polygraphic and advertising subject.       


The Typography was initially focused on clients with demands and creating top quality products, for example, DRUPPA show in May 2012 had 400 business cards printed on papyrus, which was brought specifically from Cairo. This doesn't mean that the normal circulation of business cards isn't good enough for us. We have the same treat for all circulation, regardless of their cost and size.


-First digital color press "Canon imagePress C6010VP" in Moscow.
-The DCP Xante 520, allows to print on paper with density up to 520 gramm.
-The DCP OCE CPC 900, CMYK + RGB perfect print on materials with unsolid texture.
-Professional automatic creaser "Bacciottini Pitstop Mini", allows to crease and perforate with high accuracy and top speed.
-The GMP Surelam Pro 500 roll laminator, allows to laminate A2 format paper one and two side with density up to 250 micron.
-Mimaki JV33-260 Solvent Printer has resolution up to 160cm, and allows to print on banner fabric, Self-adhesive tape, simple paper and photopaper.
-The Summacut T 1500C Roll cutting plotter with optical positioning system for tape application production and notching stickers of any complexity.
-Another gear to satisfy almost any client's needs.




-highly qualified employees, with average experience in polygaphy over 5 years, total over 50 years.
-We use modern, top accurate gear. Our technopark is updated with new interesting printing and post-printing machines regularly.
-Logistics. We deliver circulations by foot as well as by car in Moscow and Moscow Region.
-High quality products. We demand an individual approach for each client, finding optimal solutions to given tasks.
-Pricing. Despite the high quality of our products, we are always trying to "stay in the market," considering the financial ability of our customers, and finding the best options for producing the order to adjust client's budget.
-Experience. We are in that wonderful state of mind, not beign students, but not yet retired.
-Another gear to satisfy almost any client's needs.